What are the benefits of living at FHC assisted living vs. staying at home?

Most older adults eventually come to a point when the benefits of moving to an Assisted Living outweigh the benefits of living alone. In addition to the research we’ve compiled that supports our view that living at FHC assisted living Baltimore is better than living alone, here are a few more reasons:

  • Safety. The primary reason individuals eventually opt to move into an assisted living is because it has become unsafe to live alone. The risk of injury due to falling, memory-related illness or other health conditions require supportive care. If your health and safety are in jeopardy, it’s time to give us a call.
  • Community. Living alone can be lonely, especially when declining vision makes driving difficult and social circles dwindle as other friends move into assisted living homes or pass away. FHC assisted living in Baltimore provides a ready-made group of new friends! Socializing is made easier, as meals can be eaten in our community dining room and friends can participate in a full schedule of activities.
  • Convenience. Residents love FHC’s assisted living Baltimore amenities! Transportation, healthcare management, housekeeping, and even an onsite beauty parlor—you never have to leave your new home again! Unless you want to. And if you do, our full schedule of outings and activities has you covered.

Assisted living in Baltimore is giving the best features and best services. Assisted living Baltimore is the best services of assisted living in town. Baltimore assisted living gives you all advance feature that other Assisted living agency’s does not. So Faith, Hope, and charity Assisted Living should be your first choice. 



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